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Use your PC without leaving any traces of your activity


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Do you value your privacy? Do you hate the idea of having details about what you do on the Internet stored on your computer? Don't worry, now you can enjoy your time on the Internet worry-free, because History Killer will take care of cleaning up any traces of your online activity.

History Killer detects and eliminates all details of system activity, including pages visited, documents opened, videos watched, files erased, and more.

From now on, your privacy is secure thanks to History Killer.

Just as its name says, you've found a real 'killer' for your history. After you use it, your computer is free and clear of any sign of what you've been using it for.

Use your computer and browse in peace. History Killer is very easy to use, with an accessible, efficient interface so you will feel safe letting it take care of everything for you.

30-day trial.

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